Tokyo, Japan


This office space was designed for Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living, a research organization that explores the future of lifestyles from a multifaceted and unique perspective. In-person conversations are essential within the company in order to bring together the diverse personalities of the institute’s researchers and their broad-minded approaches to markets and industries. At the center of the office stands the communication area, the hub of all research. From above, light spreads across the space in all directions and polished materials reflect the surroundings. The illumination and gleaming materials form the institute’s logo to become the symbol of the office. Here, the lively atmosphere of meetings is shared throughout the space, allowing passion to evolve from discussions and give birth to creative ideas. Shades of green that inspire harmony, well-being and creativity are used throughout the space, which was designed to be an environment where people can fully immerse themselves in communication. Here, active human interaction takes place, and new ideas are born. It’s a design that defines how a conventional office should be.


Tomooki Kengaku