Okinawa, Japan


The Pokémon Center is a hub of all things Pokémon — a store, gaming space and information centre to share the latest character and game news. Inspired by the worldview of the Pokémon franchise, the Pokémon Center is designed to give visitors the impression of stepping into a video-game. Its open-plan circular enclosure and continuous floor space resemble architectures of an imaginary world, while evoking the caverns and landscape of the Pokémon universe. The Monster Ball, its iconic shiny red and blue case, is repeatedly referenced throughout the space, but in minimalist graphic forms. This balance of design subliminally shifts the focus from the space itself to the understanding of Pokémon that develops within the space. Abstract and bold representations of Okinawa’s abundant nature, its ocean waters and verdant greenery, add to the immersive nature of the otherworldly space. Colour and texture evoke deep waters at the circular core and heart of the Pokémon Center, where visitors can access information and Pokémon games though videos and presentations. Surrounding this lie experience zones with changing content to continuously excite visitors — spaces that introduce card games, showcase new visual media and offer the latest goods. The Pokémon universe is already well known to the public, this physical store, however, can convey the appeal of Pokémon to an even wider audience by connecting the virtual and real worlds.


The Pokémon Company
e-store planning,inc.
Lighting design
Tomooki Kengaku
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