Tokyo, Japan


Renovation design「THELIFE」. The residence apartment is 40 years old located in Shibuya, Tokyo. Opening the door, the volume of abstract natural light welcomes you, giving you a sense of the atmosphere of the room behind. The experience of each space, such as the entrance, the corridor and the entrance hall, leads to a private area by slowly revealing the layers of the space. In the entrance hall, a flower piece is draped on the wooden door with a strong presence, and a bench, made out of solid wood extracted from a single cherry tree, stands in the warm light. The material expression, that you can feel the solidity and depth, and the details that create a soft and light impression, influence each other to realize a sophisticated and luxurious space. The indirect lighting that surrounds the entire room and the ceiling light beam above the kitchen counter, emitted from the shape of the room itself, eliminate the existence of the lighting source, and create a space where only pure light exists. By openly connecting the rooms, the whole space illuminates by spreading the lighting throughout its’ entire surface. The bright nuance of the flooring and the delicate texture of the oak on the wall capture the rich light that flows throughout the space. The walk-in closet, which is wrapped in wood, has lighting integrated with each storage. The texture of the metal, which is contrasted with the wood, reacts to light and creates a high-quality, fresh impression. I IN proposes a new way of living in a residential space that has an unprecedented sense of sophistication and luxury.


Lighting design
Art works
A Lighthouse called Kanata
Norihito Yamauchi