Yokohama, Japan


The only request for this private residential interior was to create a purely monochrome world. To bring out the most of the limited palette, I IN focused on achieving a sense of boundless richness with a design of refined materials and textures: fine wood grain, subtle and bold expressions of marble, pearlescent textured plaster and exquisite metal finishes. Each of these monochrome materials respond and transform in light. In this way, they resonate with one another to bring an extraordinary depth to the space. Spatial form, structures and visual flow are meticulously designed and functional. The density, volume and tactile nature of furniture, fittings and objects, combined with their visual transitions in fluctuating light, create an immersive sensory experience. There is a flow from public to private spaces, as the living and dining room colors shift to more prominent use of dark tones in the study and the bedroom. Bespoke furniture, lighting and artworks complete the design that invariably “captures” and utilizes light to evoke an intrinsic luxury.


Lighting design
Art works
A Lighthouse called Kanata
Norihito Yamauchi